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BeardStyle™ razor

We ensure that all merchandise is shipped within 7-14 business days from receiving your order.

Absolutely not. The configuration of the blades is specially designed to avoid cuts or abrasions during use (even on the most delicate parts of the body).

The BeardStyle™ Razor's blades are defined as "self-sharpening" due to their configuration and high quality material. As you drive them, they will rub against each other providing the perfect friction to keep them as sharp as when you first use them.

All our products are covered by a warranty lasting 30 days from the time of receipt of goods.

In the package are included three filters to get cuts of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4mm (The length of the hair without the application of filters is about 0.0mm)

The BeardStyle™ Razor measures 15.5cm in height while the largest width is that of the blades which measure 4cm.

The BeardStyle™ Razor is powered by a small lithium battery that provides continuous operation for approximately 120 minutes.


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Nope! We pay for the shipping costs :)

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Absolutely! Ordering from BeardStyle™ is 100% risk-free. You can therefore order the BeardStyle™ Razor, try it out and return it free of charge within 14 days if you are notsatisfied. Once we have received your return shipment, you will receive a full refund. View our page on returns for more information.

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